collective cattery of the British cats

Reviews about the cattery

Maria, 02.06.2016:
For the first time I thought about buying a pet, and, of course, I wanted a kitty. I chose for a long time and could not decide, but the British kittens were so nice that once they saw them live, they could not pass by. I want to thank the staff for their help in choosing a kitten and for an exhaustive consultation on care and maintenance. Even with the fact that I have never kept pets, no difficulties arise due to competent advice.

Livacats: We are very pleased with the flattering reviews about the nursery! We are glad that we were able to help you and think that there are many pleasant discoveries and mutual joy ahead of you with the cat.


Nastya, 15.05.2016:
Good afternoon! I would like to buy a British kitten, but I have a small child (three years) and already have a middle-aged dog, bulldog. On our part, the problems just will not arise, the dog is very kind and educated, and the child has already learned how to handle domestic animals.) Tell me, is there a probability that the kitten will not be able to settle down on one living space with such "neighbors"?

Livacats: Welcome, glad that you have chosen our cattery of British cats. On your question - of course, the characters in all animals are different, but our babies grow in an atmosphere of love, they are very inquisitive. According to our observations and similar situations, the buyers, no aggressive manifestations to other animals or even more children has not yet happened with the participation of our kittens.


Olga, 5.02.2016:
Hello! I have a question. We are going with my husband for a couple of weeks on vacation, and our 4-month-old baby wants to leave my mother for this time. Only there is a catch: she said that it will be difficult for her to maintain a diet and ask if it is possible to feed the cat only dry food? What say? British kittens are not fastidious in eating, but will it do harm?
Livacats: Good afternoon! We would not recommend, of course, resort to this option, primarily because of the age of the kitten. He is now actively growing and developing, it is very important that the food is balanced.


Valentina, 24.12.2015:
Hello! I want to once again thank the staff of this cattery of British cats! It's not the first time we've bought kittens from you, we've also taken a few friends for ourselves, are very pleased. Kittens are really brought up, playful, healthy, eat with appetite. There would be more responsible and attentive attitude towards the pets from the breeders, as there are these horrible stories about how people bought a British kitten, and it turned out to be completely unadapted, or in general, God forbid, sick. Definitely recommend this kennel to anyone who wants to buy yourself a little happiness.

Livacats: We are very pleased to read such reviews, thank you very much!


Zinaida Ivanovna, 12.10.2015:
Hello! Interested in buying a British kitten, your kennel was recommended by friends. Tell me, are all the kittens in your family with a decent pedigree, since I'm very interested in participating in exhibitions? Are the animals vaccinated? At what age is it best to take home a kitten?

Livacats: Hello! Of course, all the kids have a good pedigree and supporting documents of the international standard. The most suitable age for moving to a new house is 3-4 months, preferably not earlier. And of course, all kittens are given the necessary vaccinations before handing over to the future owner.


Daria, 20.09.2015:
Good afternoon! For two weeks now I am a happy mistress of a British kitten, my husband gave me a gift and said in which kennel I bought our uncle. In connection with the approaching warm season, I had a question: is it necessary to include fresh meat into the baby's diet? It was planned to spend some summer at the dacha, but it is located far from the shops, so every day it will be problematic to buy fresh meat, the products are bought once a week.

Livacats: We are glad that our cat has received such an attentive hostess. Concerning your question - if there is no other way out, freeze portionwise. It is better that a cat gets thawed meat every day, so that he does not receive it at all.


Natalia, 3.09.2015:
Hello! I'm going to buy a British kitten, I already looked after you two kids who liked the photo very much. I've never kept cats before. What additional accessories for care and maintenance do I need? What should be prepared for the arrival of the baby?

Livacats: Good afternoon! Firstly, we are very happy that you have chosen our cattery of British cats. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. Also we want to draw your attention to the fact that the demand for our kittens is very high, therefore we recommend booking a kitten in advance. And for a comfortable moving of the cat to a new house you will need: first of all, a carry, a tray with filler, separate bowls for feed and water, food. It will be good to have a separate bed for a pet. Also will be needed - combs, toys, scratching claws.